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Speaking Skills

Speaking Skills

Most of the English language tests require fluent speaking (OET-IELTS) command over English language. Most of the exams are only test of English-language skills not to test your professional knowledge.

If you want to settle in an English speaking country as a health professional then it is very important that you are able to communicate effectively in speech with your patients or clients or public. The speaking skills allow you to take your health professional role and demonstrate the ability to deal with common day to day work related situations. It may include hard, easy or emotional situations. Your responsibility would be to demonstrate proper skills so you can perform best of your ability in any situation.

You may have to under go a role-play or cue-card during the exam. To fulfill the task satisfactory, you will need an excellent command over Spoken English. You might be required to use different kinds of language, give a broader view of your skills and suggestions for your patients, clients or public.

Essential in Professional life :

Speaking is also an integral part of professional life in Australia, one without which your survival in the job market is almost impossible. The first thing that you will do with your patients or clients will be speaking about the issue or situation they are in currently. You may not be required to speak publicly or in a group meetings or present some cases to your fellow staff members, but as you progress in your career you might be required to do to do all. It is a human nature to feel panicked when facing larger group of public or clients. However, with a lot of practice, few tips and some tricks you can get a grip over excellent speaking skills.

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